HSPVA Kinder High School Design by WJHW


WJHW’s lighting services include the development of designs and the selection of equipment suited to facilities that host people and events for live performance, sports, commerce, government, and education. For over 20 years, we have continued to specify and design the controls, connectivity, dimming and switching, along with the luminaires that allow for good illumination and service of the functional and architectural needs of a facility. Because lighting in such venues routinely couples both the event-specific and permanently-installed architectural illumination, our services include design and/or design consulting/coordination of all aspects within the venue from theatrical-type lighting, to house lighting, meeting/work/task lighting, architectural enhancement, and sports lighting.

WJHW’s work is found in school, university, municipal, community and professional performing arts theatres, concert venues, and studio stages. In addition to these traditional spaces, we serve sports and event venue including arenas, convention centers, casinos, and hotels. Additionally, we work in corporate auditoriums, city council meeting chambers, and similar assembly occupancies where related flexible and integrated technologies are required.

We develop detailed designs using industry standard BIM and CAD methods to communicate systems’ requirements and intent to the other design professionals and to the contractors involved in the design and construction of work. We create illumination models for the lighting layouts included in our designs. Importantly, we provide specific preliminary design requirements and then follow-up with specific subsequent review and comment on the progress of all parties as it might affect the installation and final performance of our system designs – this includes (1) ongoing interim review of electrical, and architectural drawings/designs that will incorporate our systems, (2) continues with detail review on contractor/integrator shop and submittal documentation, and (3) concludes with on-site progress reviews during construction, commissioning, training, and testing.