Distributed Television systems encompass both conventional RF cable TV delivered over Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) plants and state of the art network based (IPTV) delivery systems.

Existing RF TV distribution systems typically represent a significant investment in physical plant and therefore are often times up-graded to support full HD content delivery including desired features for zoned insert advertising and control of TV displays.

New construction generally leverages IT network topologies and converged network capabilities providing an ideal platform for TV distribution. IPTV systems from a network perspective add to port and drop count at the edge and aside from the additional port and drop requirements basically get a free ride on the network.

Digital signage is basically a subset of an IPTV system that provides targeted specific content to TV displays including Public Information Displays (PID) and concession menu displays. Digital signage can include elements of full motion HD video and data/graphic content. Most advanced IPTV systems include digital signage capability.

TV distribution technologies along with the TV displays themselves are rapidly evolving effecting dramatic changes to content ingest, delivery, and display technologies. WJHW has the knowledge and experience to analyze, evaluate, and design TV distribution systems and the expertise to help clients determine the best technical solutions to meet their needs.