Jack Wrightson | Managing Principal/Chairman

Jack has extensive experience in sports and public assembly work.  He has worked in the field of acoustics since 1978.  He specializes in assessing the needs of owners and tenants prior to design efforts.  His association with sports events and their venues has given him deep insight into the technical problems and requirements of high-quality presentations and promotions.  Jack oversees WJHW’s work on sound systems, acoustics, and noise control, and the environmental noise impact of outdoor events. Jack has also served as Adjunct Professor of Acoustics at the University of Texas – Arlington School of Architecture.

Chris Williams | Managing Principal/President

Chris has provided technology consulting and design for many contemporary sports venues in the United States and abroad.  He has prepared programming studies, design recommendations and detailed design documentation for a wide range of technology including video, multi-media and teleconferencing systems, for corporate clients as well as the specialized sports and public assembly facilities markets.

Chris has been a pioneering systems designer working on unique aspect ratio video displays throughout professional sports in the last decade. Chris’ work with High Definition video displays began with Turner Field’s first Professional High Definition Display, while the 2014 season saw the largest end zone scoreboard for the Jaguars and numerous football projects for Browns, Panthers, Steelers, Eagles and 49ers.

Josh Beaudoin | Managing Principal/Vice President

Josh actively pursues prospective clients, negotiates fees, develops strategic business relationships and manages projects for WJHW. Josh has benefited from working in all aspects of the technology construction industry including audio video design build system integration and sales; electrical contracting; audio consulting and professional audio equipment manufacturing and international business development.

This unique blend of experience has provided Josh with the knowledge of each discipline and process required to complete modern Stadiums, Arenas, and Convention Centers. His experience has given him a special insight into not only the consulting business but the entire construction process from equipment manufacturing, to system design; procurement, and installation; as well as commissioning.

René Garza | Managing Principal/Vice President

René leads the San Antonio office and performing arts group.  As Managing Principal, René’s focus is on building and maintaining WJHW’s business and managing a wide range of projects.

René’s professional experience includes educational facilities (both K-12 and higher education), churches, corporate users, collegiate and professional sports arenas and numerous performing arts theatres.  His hands-on experience with such a broad range of technical systems, combined with his understanding of the construction process and strength as a project manager, has given him valuable insight into how all of these elements must work together in order to produce a successful project which not only meets but exceeds client expectations.


Brad Lundy | Principal/Operations Manager

Brad serves as a Principal and the Operations Manager for WJHW. His primary responsibilities are project management for corporate facilities, training centers, churches, hotels, schools, judicial facilities, stadia and arenas, and convention and civic centers. He is also a design resource for large format sound systems, IPTV and AV systems.


Greg Hughes | Principal/Acoustics

Joining the firm in 2002, Greg is the lead of WJHW’s Acoustical Group. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural Engineering, Greg has worked on a diverse range of projects throughout the U.S., including college, university and K-12 education projects; public assembly spaces, arenas and sports facilities; hospitality and residential developments and corporate, civic and commercial facilities.