Our company offers a virtually unlimited list of capabilities. When it comes to our consulting and design services, we offer our customers a powerful one-stop shop resource along with a recipe for success. Listed below is a comprehensive list of consulting and design services we offer:


WJHW offers complete design services for audio systems. Our experienced design engineers work hand-in-hand with our acousticians, the project architect and their clients to develop a complete integrated solution designed specifically for the venue and the owner’s needs. Our audio designers use the predictive analysis software platform Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers (EASE) to model and predict sound system performance in the virtual 3D environment. This allows us to try multiple different loudspeakers from various manufacturers to find the very best solution to fulfill the project goals. As a consultant we do not have specific franchise alliances with specific manufacturers, but instead remain independent and neutral which allows us to choose the most suitable products for a project as opposed to only those from specific manufacturers.

Our next step is to transfer these virtual designs into plans and specifications to allow an accurate and precise bid process to minimize post bid changes. Some changes may be unavoidable, but a comprehensive set of plans and specifications will greatly reduce contract modifications throughout construction. Our document set may consist of both 2D plans and 3D renderings to convey the intent of the system design. Once bid and awarded, our designers stay involved in the process by review pre-construction product and shop drawing submittals, intermediate construction review (if contracted), and system tuning at the close of the project.

During the system tuning process we will bring precision test equipment consisting of reference microphones, sound level meters, and preamps which interface with highly accurate software-based analysis tools that allow for precise adjustments of the system and how it interacts with the acoustical properties of the venue.

We believe this process provides our clients with the finest, most reliable, audio system for the venue and its owner.


The design team members from WJHW have provided Scoreboard and Video Display Design services for over 25 years. With designs in almost every major profession and collegiate sports venue in the United States, WJHW provides innovative scoreboard designs by implement the the newest, proven technologies.

As part of our scope, WJHW meets with the client/architect to program the scope of work which might include display layout, location, types, function, advertising inventory, animation/graphic requirements, budget, performance standards and functionality. We have the experience and technical know how to work within any parameters or constraints that have been provided to us.

WJHW utilizes 3D technologies when creating concepts/renderings for Owner approval.


From presentation rooms to the eye popping visual displays we see today, Audio Visual (AV) systems impact us everyday in many ways.  WJHW has been designing AV systems for almost 30 years taking our clients from conceptual ideas, into final design.  As designers, we understand that Owners are looking for systems that are sophisticated, of professional quality, and offer ease of use and flexibility. In today’s facilities, these systems are in high demand and are utilized by many types of users, both professionals and novice.

We bring no agenda to the table other than to allow your vision to become reality. Let the technology people at WJHW collaborate with you to realize your vision.


In addition to our technical systems design work, we routinely assist in the key planning associated with performing arts facilities with Owners, Architects and project stakeholders. This includes the development of programmatic requirements for facilities along with seating and stage layouts, sightline studies, catwalk and access planning for technical personnel, control room design, dressing and wardrobe rooms, lobby and front-of-hose amenities, and technical workshop/storage layouts. We help plan the design with the entirety of the venue and its needs in mind, because we can provide direct in-office coordination of all the associated disciplines we support – as rigging and lighting are all necessarily integrated with audio, AV, and acoustics, we have the resources immediately at hand to ensure design solutions are cohesively created with the expertise in-house.

Beyond that, we:
Work closely with Owners and Architects to develop the requirements and budgets necessary to plan and track projects.
We perform rigging and lighting facility assessments which allow for project and safety planning.
We create project budgets used for immediate and long-term planning.
We assist in the development of facility, campus, and district standards for the systems within our expertise.
We represent the Owner in review of bid and procurement packages.
We develop equipment lists for associated with these specialty systems as required for procurement under FF&E or other purchasing agreements both in conjunction with or separate from a larger project.

WJHW’s consulting work benefits both from our direct involvement in the many different facility types we have encountered and from our team’s direct experience working as users in the performing arts and the larger entertainment industry. Specifically, our designers have all worked in the venue types we serve and directly with the systems we design. This experience means we understand the way in which the day-to-day work that happens in a facility is managed and gets accomplished.


We design the rigging, drapery, and stage machinery/equipment for venues that produce live events. Our rigging system designs for performing arts venues and schools that support lighting, scenery, and stage curtains in various common configurations including manually-operated counterweight, and electronically controlled motorized hoisted equipment. We also design custom configurations for: adjustable room acoustics components, scoreboard and loudspeaker hoists, and lighting/service grids for both large and small event, broadcast, sports, and performance spaces. Drapery design services include stage curtain and masking systems, arena curtain reduction schemes, along with traditional and custom projection and effects surfaces. Our designs of stage machinery and equipment include orchestra pit lifts and reconfigurable platform/flooring systems for seating, stages, and studios.

Our firm has included rigging, stage equipment/machinery, and drapery systems design consulting in its portfolio of services for over 20 years.

In addition to studying facility and operational requirements for venues with facility Owners and stakeholders, we coordinate and manage the requirements for successful integration of our systems’ designs with the work of our Architectural and Engineering partners on a project. Because the rigging systems we design have a direct bearing on facility shapes and their infrastructure, our process involves iterative work with the Architect, Structural, Mechanical Engineer, and Electrical Engineer. The goal is to ensure (1) that the building has the necessary components to support the intended design, and (2) to facilitate the efforts of these other professionals so that their work can progress successfully across the design and construction phases of the project. We create the drawings and specifications intended for inclusion in standard bid and construction packages associated with new and renovated facility projects and follow that process through construction and into the hands of the venue’s technical staff.

HSPVA Kinder High School Design by WJHW

WJHW’s lighting services include the development of designs and the selection of equipment suited to facilities that host people and events for live performance, sports, commerce, government, and education. For over 20 years, we have continued to specify and design the controls, connectivity, dimming and switching, along with the luminaires that allow for good illumination and service of the functional and architectural needs of a facility. Because lighting in such venues routinely couples both the event-specific and permanently-installed architectural illumination, our services include design and/or design consulting/coordination of all aspects within the venue from theatrical-type lighting, to house lighting, meeting/work/task lighting, architectural enhancement, and sports lighting.

WJHW’s work is found in school, university, municipal, community and professional performing arts theatres, concert venues, and studio stages. In addition to these traditional spaces, we serve sports and event venue including arenas, convention centers, casinos, and hotels. Additionally, we work in corporate auditoriums, city council meeting chambers, and similar assembly occupancies where related flexible and integrated technologies are required.

We develop detailed designs using industry standard BIM and CAD methods to communicate systems’ requirements and intent to the other design professionals and to the contractors involved in the design and construction of work. We create illumination models for the lighting layouts included in our designs. Importantly, we provide specific preliminary design requirements and then follow-up with specific subsequent review and comment on the progress of all parties as it might affect the installation and final performance of our system designs – this includes (1) ongoing interim review of electrical, and architectural drawings/designs that will incorporate our systems, (2) continues with detail review on contractor/integrator shop and submittal documentation, and (3) concludes with on-site progress reviews during construction, commissioning, training, and testing.

apex audio visua

WJHW works with the design team to provide recommendations and guidance for creating a comfortable acoustic environment in every building. Our recommendations include partition construction and details for sound isolation, and finish types and quantities for room acoustics. But above just stating a metric to be achieved, we also describe subjectively what should be expected from a given design and will explore alternate materials and solutions to meet the Owner’s expectations for their space.

WJHW’s acousticians also provide construction administration services which include onsite verification of construction, measurements and field reports confirming recommendations versus as-built conditions.

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WJHW works with the mechanical engineer to provide an acoustic analysis of their system. Starting at the air handlers, we work our through the ductwork, looking at all equipment in the path, and use ASHRAE standards to determine the background noise levels within acoustically sensitive spaces. Where needed, we recommend performance criteria for silencers, lengths of duct liner needed, equipment lagging, and other solutions to provide the most economical method of reducing noise levels.

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From projects as simple as an emergency generator to as complex as a stadium distributed sound system, we model noise levels on a site to determine their effect at the property line. We then explore solutions such as noise walls, equipment enclosures, improved mufflers, or even changing the location of the equipment on site to meet noise ordinances or just a good neighbor policy.


As the leader in Broadcast & TV Production Studio Design services, WJHW’s team has provided broadcast consulting and video system design for many Broadcast Studio facilities in this country and abroad. Since 1978, WJHW has worked in many aspects of video systems design including preparation of programming studies, design recommendations and detailed design documentation for a wide range of multimedia and teleconferencing systems, for corporate clients as well as the specialized sports and public assembly facilities markets.

As part of our scope, WJHW meets with clients/architects to program the scope of work which might include space allocation/layout, budget, equipment, standards and functionality. Our deliverables include technical drawings, floor plan/section/elevation of control room, equipment specifications.

Finally, WJHW is always pleased to assist in issuance of RFP, evaluate proposals, perform construction administration and venue assessment.



Distributed Television systems encompass both conventional RF cable TV delivered over Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) plants and state of the art network based (IPTV) delivery systems.

Existing RF TV distribution systems typically represent a significant investment in physical plant and therefore are often times up-graded to support full HD content delivery including desired features for zoned insert advertising and control of TV displays.

New construction generally leverages IT network topologies and converged network capabilities providing an ideal platform for TV distribution. IPTV systems from a network perspective add to port and drop count at the edge and aside from the additional port and drop requirements basically get a free ride on the network.

Digital signage is basically a subset of an IPTV system that provides targeted specific content to TV displays including Public Information Displays (PID) and concession menu displays. Digital signage can include elements of full motion HD video and data/graphic content. Most advanced IPTV systems include digital signage capability.

TV distribution technologies along with the TV displays themselves are rapidly evolving effecting dramatic changes to content ingest, delivery, and display technologies. WJHW has the knowledge and experience to analyze, evaluate, and design TV distribution systems and the expertise to help clients determine the best technical solutions to meet their needs.


Voice and Data Cabling Networks are crucial in today’s new and renovated facilities. While the structured cabling system may represent only fraction of the project’s investment, it accounts for a majority of the various technical systems’ efficiencies.  Compared to the average lifespan of the equipment utilizing the network, a strong, well designed structured cabling system will provide an infrastructure independent of a company’s current and future technology needs and help take a company’s operations far into the future.

WJHW’s structured cabling designers are RCDD (Registered Communication Distribution Designer) certified; this means systems are designed by WJHW staff who demonstrate superior expertise in the design, integration and implementation of telecommunications and data communications transport systems and their related infrastructure.


WJHW is an experienced partner when it comes to the design of Facility Monitoring systems. For more than 29 years, WJHW has been meeting some of the most challenging security needs in stadiums, arenas, as well as the hospitality, corporate and education markets. As longtime experts in the security industry, we have the people, processes and experience to take care of your security needs, no matter how challenging or extensive. The WJHW teams specializes in providing security solutions, which span the spectrum of today’s security challenges, to all clientele across a global footprint of properties. Today’s security management, video surveillance, alarm and access control systems involve complex computer technology and sophisticated information, software and hardware systems, which require specialized expertise in design, installation and operation. The WJHW team is expertly qualified to assist its Clients with these challenges.

WJHW provides Security Engineering and Design – Assisting our customers plan, specify and build their security management systems by applying our innovative and comprehensive approach to integrated security management system design. We assist our customers in all phases of this work including schematic design, design development, construction document development, project cost estimating, bidding, construction administration (observation) and (post construction) system implementation services.

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