We design the rigging, drapery, and stage machinery/equipment for venues that produce live events. Our rigging system designs for performing arts venues and schools that support lighting, scenery, and stage curtains in various common configurations including manually-operated counterweight, and electronically controlled motorized hoisted equipment. We also design custom configurations for: adjustable room acoustics components, scoreboard and loudspeaker hoists, and lighting/service grids for both large and small event, broadcast, sports, and performance spaces. Drapery design services include stage curtain and masking systems, arena curtain reduction schemes, along with traditional and custom projection and effects surfaces. Our designs of stage machinery and equipment include orchestra pit lifts and reconfigurable platform/flooring systems for seating, stages, and studios.

Our firm has included rigging, stage equipment/machinery, and drapery systems design consulting in its portfolio of services for over 20 years.

In addition to studying facility and operational requirements for venues with facility Owners and stakeholders, we coordinate and manage the requirements for successful integration of our systems’ designs with the work of our Architectural and Engineering partners on a project. Because the rigging systems we design have a direct bearing on facility shapes and their infrastructure, our process involves iterative work with the Architect, Structural, Mechanical Engineer, and Electrical Engineer. The goal is to ensure (1) that the building has the necessary components to support the intended design, and (2) to facilitate the efforts of these other professionals so that their work can progress successfully across the design and construction phases of the project. We create the drawings and specifications intended for inclusion in standard bid and construction packages associated with new and renovated facility projects and follow that process through construction and into the hands of the venue’s technical staff.